Energy management solution for your business

Gestion de l'énergie pour PMEWith our energy management and automation services, you can remotely adjust lighting, thermostats and locks as well as automate certain functionalities so as to ensure customer and staff comfort. This solution allows you manage your heating and air-conditioning more effectively and save on your energy bills.

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Lighting and electrical device control
Climate & ambiance control

Turn lights on and off or adjust their intensity remotely thanks to our interactive services. You can also set the times at which lighting is automatically activated inside and outside your business premises or office.

  • Deter burglars and vandals
  • Start and stop electrical devices remotely (for example, fans)
  • Change your automatic lighting settings remotely
  • Reduce your energy consumption
Remote thermostat control
Remote thermostat control

Thanks to our interactive services, you can remotely monitor and control the temperature in certain rooms at your business premises (for example, the server room) or key inventory facilities (for example, cold rooms and freezers). You can also configure schedules according to seasonal requirements and time of day, thereby managing your energy consumption for more effectively and reducing your energy costs.

Remote door lock control (access)
Control for door locks (access)

Unsure whether you locked the back door or storage-room door? You can now do it remotely.

  • Create and manage various access codes for each employee, which allows you hand out fewer keys to your business premises
  • Lock and unlock your door remotely to allow personnel to enter when you are away or outside business hours
  • Arm your system remotely, and certain doors will lock automatically
  • Receive notification when doors remain open or when they are closed
Geo-service functionality

By creating of virtual geo-barrier around your business premises on our online platform, you can define the basic rules for automatically adjusting lighting or heating and air conditioning every time you come to work or leave – or only when every employee has left. This service provides even more flexibility and control over your business premises thanks to automation settings that can be adjusted according to your location.

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