Recommandé par CAA

Groupe Vigilance is proud to announce its accreditation with CAA-Quebec! Thanks to their excellent consulting services and remarkable expertise in the field of home security, Groupe Vigilance has earned a top place among the largest home specialists network in Quebec.

To become an Approved Residential Supplier, Groupe Vigilance had to submit to a series of tests to verify its skills and the safety of doing business with the company. For all companies hoping to become part of the CAA-QUEBEC Approved Residential Suppliers list, information is collected during telephone interviews with the Observateur call centre. CAA-QUEBEC sends the Observateur approximately 75 names selected randomly or the entirety of the company’s customer index. Verifications are also conducted with different government and private organizations such as the Office de la protection du consommateur, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and the Bureau de la sécurité privée licencing body. Then, a graph that compares the average level of satisfaction with the company with the level of satisfaction in the industry is created, as is another graph that compares assessments of the services offered. Here are the main results for Groupe Vigilance regarding customer satisfaction:

Customer Satisfaction
Quality of work88%
Staff courtesy92%
Respect for the initial agreement – Quote – Timeframe and price93%
Rate of recommendation91%
Returning phone calls89%
Respect for appointments94%
Site cleanliness93%
General satisfaction87%


Following this rigorous process, Groupe Vigilance was able to demonstrate its professional skills and receive its accreditation certificate as a CAA-QUEBEC-certified supplier. CAA-QUEBEC now recommends Groupe Vigilance as one of the experts in its network of home specialists in Quebec. By becoming a member of CAA-QUEBEC, customers get home assistance and access to a number of benefits such as expert advice and professional references for all home repair and renovation matters. Customers also have the option to be guided during an emergency.

Groupe Vigilance is very proud to announce that, with its accreditation as a CAA member, it is now able to offer the public an even more integrated range of resources for everything home-related.